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 Hi Dwight,

     Glad you took my comments in the spirit intended as I'm not sure anything can be done and that probably the Club itself isn't doing anything wrong.
                                                         - Craig

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Craig Thank you for your comment on the clubs lack of members coming to the meetings I have always said we need to get younger people involved with CORVAIRS. Thanks again Dwight

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Hello,          Are you really doing something wrong or has the time for the Club just passed?  I think the main driver for Vintage Corsa was people who owned Corvairs when they were new and they were young and the nostalgia for that bygone era.  Now with the newest Corvair 47 years in the past the number of that type of member is getting smaller everyday.  For whatever reason Corvairs just aren't as popular with modern classic car collectors.  Yes, I know there are younger members but not nearly enough to replace the ones opting out or expiring. Just as the individual chapters split up when they got too big in the 70s and 80s maybe it's time for some of the Clubs to consolidate back.  Perhaps a bi-monthly meeting in each former Club's territory might be a realistic goal.
                                                                            See you at the GWFBT&SM,                                                                            Craig D. Smith 
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