All about corvair VAN’S

 Repro FC door hinge grommets for sale. These are faithful reproductions of original NOS grommets. Just like the original, the side door grommet has the bead contour along the center hole and a slightly narrower flange on the back side. The rear door grommet is smaller, lacks the bead, and is symmetrical on both sides. The grommets are made of tough, heat-cured urethane rubber, colored to a slightly gray-black like the originals, with UV protecting pigments. There may be some mold flashing along the edges that you may wish to trim. forsale

Pricing (buy more/save more!)
$6.75 per grommet (either size)
set of 4 (for 1 door) - $25 (save $2)
set of 8 (for 2 doors) - $50 (save $4)
set of 16 (for 6-door van) - $100 (save $8)
set of 24 (for 8-door van) - $150 (save $12)
+ shipping

 FC Battery Compartment Lid Catch

This is an exact reproduction of the catch that holds open the lid to the battery compartment of Greenbriers and Corvans. The catch is made of tough, heat-cured industrial grade polyurethane rubber colored with UV protecting pigment, and incorporates an internal metal plate the same as the original. These are time consuming to make, and depending upon interest, this may be a onetime production run.

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